What To Expect from Me as Your Coach?

What To Expect from Me as Your Coach

I love working with moms, singers, teachers and speakers! 

What to expect from me as your coach when you say “YES” to one of my virtual challenge groups? Encouragement. Love. Accountability and Support. An online group of ladies waiting to lift you up and challenge you to be better every day! Free recipes. Yes, that’s right! In fact three weeks of free meal plans which include recipes and a grocery list too!

What To Expect

When I began my own fitness journey five years ago I didn’t have a coach. At age 40, I made the decision to take back my body after having a baby and needing to lose 50 lbs.   My accountability partner was my husband. We pushed each other to do more and work harder everyday. We used a no nonsense at home fitness program called P90X and ate clean to get these amazing results.  I lost 35 pounds and 9 inches off my body in 120 days.  Five years later, I have lost an additional 14 pounds and I can tell you first hand that these products work! My core has never been stronger.  I have also learned that fitness along with a clean diet has improved my acid reflux, adrenal gland fatigue and rosacea, all of which are auto-immune diseases. At the age of 47 my voice should be on a downward spiral according to vocal experts, but I can tell you first hand that my voice is stronger today than when I was 22.

As a busy mom of three kids I understand that time is precious.  And if you are a musician, teacher, or speaker on top of being a busy mother life is even a little bit crazier. You are being pulled in many directions as a mom and/or career woman so you need a system that is simple, easy to follow, portable, and really works. I can tell you first hand that this system works every time you do the work.  After working with over 100 ladies using the 21 day fix or PiYo workouts and nutrition systems, they have all seen results.  Some lose 5 lbs in 21-30 days, while others lose 15 lbs.  Some lose 2 inches and others lose 9-10 inches.  But all types of women find success using these programs, even women with infertility, thyroid, arthritis, and other auto-immune issues.

If you are looking for a community to help encourage and support you in your fitness and nutrition you’ve come to the right place.  We want to help you look and feel great again.  So my question is are you ready to get started? Check out how to join one of my 30 day fitness and nutrition challenges. It could be the best decision you ever make!


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