What My Clients Say

I Love Working With My Clients!

My clients are the best! These ladies inspire me in my own health and fitness journey! They are more than just clients they are friends! How do I work with my clients? Virtually in Challenge Groups. A Challenge Group is a place filled with MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, LOVE, KNOWLEDGE and all the SUPPORT needed to reach GOALS you only Dreamed of!


Over the last 2 years, I have gotten to meet and work with some of the best clients ever. They are my support group and I call them friends. Some of them I have known for a very long time, and others I have met through Facebook, mutual friends and even been given to me as new by Team Beachbody. It is a privilege to walk along side these ladies on their road to being healthier and fitter.  We are not perfect, but enjoy helping keep one another be accountable. We have each other’s back! Every mom needs a community like this one! No matter whether they have been in a challenge for 1 month or 1 year they all say the same thing after working with me, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”.  Don’t wait! Join us on this journey!

Here’s what my clients have to say about being in my virtual challenge groups.

I love my 21 day fix group and Coach Melissa! I credit the success I have had to her and our team. Melissa’s support and life is an inspiration of how this program works. Melissa keeps you plugged into the group with encouragement, new information, recipes and any other help when you are struggling. Melissa is willing to call you or do whatever she needs to help you through this. I am glad I received her as my assigned coach!”  

Carolyn S.


I have known Melissa for 30 years. While she has always been focused and committed to her passions, her role as a leader and mentor for this 21 day challenge has shown me what a gift she has in bringing out the best in others. Melissa is encouraging and motivating but at the same time empathetic and understanding. Her personal success is inspiring and her faith in her group members is overwhelming. I feel blessed to have been able to experience my journey to good health with such a wise friend.” Jennifer M.


I started working with Melissa about two years ago. From the beginning, Melissa has been an encourager and fantastic role model. She has a great success story of her own, deeply believes in this program, is committed, excited and truly motivated to keeping her own eating “clean” and continuing to set new goals for herself. Her positive attitude and dedication have helped all of us stay the course. She makes it all fun and rewarding. This program is fabulous, not just a diet BUT a way to change our everyday nutrition.”

Donna F.


“Working as a coach on Melissa’s team as been so rewarding. Finally something I can do everyday to help bring HOPE to others with their health and fitness, AND be able to stay home with my kids. I’m so thankful for the opportunity this has given me to create financial freedom for my family!” –Anonymous


“Melissa is always there for everyone and to respond to any questions asap!! She is very encouraging and funny. I love her fun and motivating contests and quotes. She extends a lot of grace when we mess up and she keeps it real by telling us what’s going on with her own journey! TY!!! ”  Julie S.


“These challenges are keeping me on top of things this pregnancy (#2)!! I am 29 weeks and have only gained 15lbs. Huge success compared to my first. I am able to stay more active this time and have kept my eating on track a whole lot better! Thank you!”  Kelly V.


Melissa was introduced to me by a friend who had leg surgery. My friend could not exercise, so Melissa introduced her to Shakeology which helped her lose weight while recovering from surgery. That inspired me. So, I started Shakelogy, but was not really getting into the shake because I love my food especially when I am stressing. Melissa kept tabs on me and telling me take each day 1 day at a time. Mind you, I was working out at a gym, but still not eating right, which kept me from not being able to lose the weight/ inches. I have been in several of Melissa’s challenges and communicate with her several times during the month to re-adjust my program. Once I completely committed to the challenge, I began to see changes. My victory has been in losing inches which shows in my clothes, my face and how I feel about me. I am still trying to incorporate the workout programs into my life but happy to say I drink Shakelogy 5-7 days a week and walk, thanks to Zoey, a rescue dog my husband brought home, and I do see the difference. I love streaming my workouts through Beachbody On DEMAND because I understand how important it is for me to work the rest of my body to reach my goals! And plus, it is exciting to say you pushed the play button with your other challengers. If you need that push and someone to help, Melissa is the one. She cares about you and she is a true blessing. My mind is set for her next challenge to kick butt even harder and better then this last round. I am doing this for me because I want to feel good, live longer and be around for my family. Thank you for all you do Melissa!”  Pauline K.


“I never had to worry about what I ate until my 20s. By then I had developed some pretty awful eating habits. The weight increased in college and then skyrocketed with children. I managed to get the weight off after my 2nd child but didn’t really do too much changing. By 40, I could look at food and gain weight. I started feeling bad, heartburn, palpitations, EXTREME lack of energy. I was falling asleep by 8 at night. I’ve been working hard since May 23rd and am down 18 pounds and several inches. I feel better, my eating isn’t where it needs to be but I am completely off soda (I was drinking >2 liters of diet mt dew a day), and all my other symptoms have disappeared. I still have about 30 pounds to go but I know it is possible now and I also know it wouldn’t be without the support and accountability of Melissa and the other members of our challenge groups.”  Jennifer W.

Now it’s YOUR TURN…what’s your story gonna be?