Why Can’t I Lose Weight, Part 1

“Why can’t I lose weight?”

This is the number 1 question I hear from busy moms, especially over the age of 35. I get asked this question at least a couple of times a week. So I decided to do some research of my own and figure out why women specifically have such a struggle with losing weight over the age of 35. After all, I know from my own weight loss story that it can be done. In fact, my own transformation story happened after I turned 40 when I lost 35 lbs and 9 inches. So what is preventing these women from having the same result I have experienced?

Was it that life was so hectic that they were reaching for the quickest “quick fix” they could find such as wraps, pills or packaged meals? Quick fixes that gave them success at first and then caused them to gain back all their weight? Or was it that they resorted to the same things they had always done to lose weight and get in shape before? Grab an apple, a protein bar, maybe a smoothie with a little kale, but for the most part they were not eating properly and not getting results as they had in the past? Going to the gym, doing the same cardio they have done in the past but not getting them RESULTS! After all, working out more and eating less worked when you were 20, why wouldn’t it work now? But it isn’t and you don’t understand why! Does this sound familiar?

After consulting various articles, I have discovered 3 main reasons you could be failing to see results!

#1- You Haven’t Switched Up Your Workout

Doing the same workout over and over will produce the same result. Nothing! Chances are you are just getting on the tread mill or elliptical day in and day out and even though you saw results using those machines at first, you plateaued months or even years ago and your body has just grown accustom to the same routine. If you are not satisfied with the result you are getting, something has to change. Changing up your workout and working different muscle groups confuses muscles producing results. So if Monday you do cardio, then Tuesday focus on upper muscle resistance training and then Wednesday focus on lower muscle groups. Explore new avenues of fitness like yoga or mixed martial arts to change things up!

#2- But I Only Like To Do Cardio

Cardio is great for your cardiovascular system. But if your goal is to define muscle and tone then you are going to have to do more than cardio to achieve those results. Plus, building lean muscle will burn fat and calories!

#3- My Weight Problem is Belly Fat

As we age our hormones change. According to an article I found on the beachbody blog, as the ovaries output of estrogen declines, the body looks to estrogen in other places like fat cells (which also produces estrogen) to convert calories to fat. Unfortunately fat doesn’t burn calories at the same rate as muscle, so women tend to put on more pounds. These pounds tend to accumulate around the middle in our abdomen creating high risk for heart disease and insulin resistance. So as you age, your eating has to change as well. It could be that you are possibly starving your body of food and don’t even know it. So ask yourself these questions.

Am I eating clean food that is going to fuel my body or am I resorting to junk or fast convenient foods full of sodium, calories and fat?
Do I eat 5-6 times a day? Am I eating 3 regular meals with a healthy snack in between? Or am I waiting all day and eating the majority of my food at the end of the day?
Am I eating plenty of protein and healthy fats to fuel my body properly and give it energy?
Depending on how you answered any of these questions, will determine where you need to make lifestyle changes to finally start seeing results in your weight loss again.

#4- BONUS TIP: I Don’t Have Support

Over the last 4 years of working with my clients, I have learned that there are tons of amazing workout programs and nutritional products. But without peer to peer accountability and support, ladies do not find success. We need each other, whether in a virtual group or face to face, to help us be successful.

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