Can Eating Clean Really Help My Voice?

Can Clean Eating Really Help My Voice?

Clean Eating. Can that really help my voice? When I decided to take control of my health and fitness 5 years ago, I had no idea what it meant to eat clean! In fact, I thought for the most part that I did eat clean. I mean as a busy mom and musician, I thought if I ate at least a few fruits and veggies and kept my carbs to a minimum and ate low fat I should be good, right? WRONG! 



The fact is whether you are young or old, those unwanted pounds are causing you to have to work harder as a teacher, vocalist or speaker. If you lack energy, get tired easily or lack endurance while you teach or perform, chances are you need to take a look at your nutrition plan. Small changes to your nutrition and fitness can really add up.

Clean eating was just the start of small changes that added up to big results for me.  Learning what foods to put together along with the right portion sizes, plus working out daily is what helped me lose over 35 pounds in 120 days! So I created a 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge to help other busy moms, as well as busy music professionals and speakers learn how to eat clean and lose weight.  This FREE 5 day challenge allows you to “dip your toe in the water” of clean eating and see if this is something that could work for you too! Included in the program is a free meal plan, grocery list as well as sample workouts!  Click below to JOIN my next Free Clean Eating Challenge!

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