Transform:20; Here is the Results!

Transform:20 Here is the Results!

Weeks 1 and 2; COMMIT

On January 14th, 2019, eighteen ladies and I started a NEW 20 minute workout program called Transform:20

Here’s what our group has learned so far after only 2 weeks into this new program.


You can’t just dip your toe in a little bit, you have to go all in! The night before our group started DAY 1, I said to the ladies in my virtual fit group, “When you take a shower you don’t just get your feet wet to get clean. You have to completely go all the way under the water to really BE CLEAN! In the same way, we have to GO ALL IN, not just a little bit, in order to really see CHANGE and get RESULTS!”

How has a 20 minute program Changed our Mindset so far? 

1- Transform:20 has actually given us BACK TIME in our day. Time that would have been wasted driving to a gym, trying to find a parking space, and then driving home in traffic. In 20 minutes, we push play right from our home and the workout is DONE in 20 minutes! And YES! you can get a pretty significant calorie burn in 20 minutes if you are pushing yourself to do the work!! (Have you ever done a SHAUN T. program? LOL ) 

2. This program has helped us each to PUSH HARDER. We are not limited by the number on the weights…the only limit is how hard we can push ourselves on that day!! 

3. Transform:20 has helped us to do a better job TRACKING our progress. No matter what you choose to do for your fitness routine, if you don’t track, how are you going to know you are making progress? Each day we not only track our food-which really helps to write it down by the way- but we also track how much we SLEEP, LAUGH, and if we beat our TRANSFORMER NUMBER for that day. (see Transformation:20 is HERE for more program specifics) And we track our CHALLENGES for that day. It’s not always gonna be sunshine and roses-you’re not always gonna want to do the workout- so we track what the challenge was for that day and how we handled it. 

What has Transform:20 done for me personally? 

Personally for me, since I’m still recovering from my foot surgery in November, this program is pushing me to do more in my workouts. It’s showing me that even though I have physical limitations, right now until I’m released from the doctor, I can STILL do the workouts even if I have to modify like crazy!

It’s NEVER TOO LATE to try! YES it will be tough to get started…YES there will be challenges along the way…BUT with the support of myself and my virtual fit community of busy moms YOU CAN DO THIS!

Wanna know more about the NEXT round starting March 4th! 

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