Salted Caramel Mocha Vegan Shakeology

If you are a coffee lover like I am, you’re gonna love this coffee treat! Not only is it delicious but also half the fat of the fancy coffee shop variety! Plus this Shakeology smoothie will curb junk food cravings and stay on track with your nutrition! Leave me a comment if you enjoy this[…]

Mocha Hazelnut Cafe Latte Vegan Shakeology Recipe

Mocha Hazelnut Cafe Latte Vegan Shakeology Are you a fancy coffee lover? Me too! Treat yourself to a sweet, fancy coffee drink without neglecting your diet–or your wallet. The Vegan Mocha Hazelnut Latte Shakeology smoothie will help you curb the craving without the guilt. Ingredients 1/2 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk 1/2 cup unsweetened regular almond[…]

Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Recipe

Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Recipe The taste of the Tropics meets Strawberry and Chocolate in this delicious Vegan Shakeology recipe. Strawberries are full of antioxidants, as well as other healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These include potassium, fiber and magnesium just to name a few. Plus the strawberry is packed full of Vitamin[…]

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The Ultimate Restaurant Guide for Mom

The Ultimate Obsession Restaurant Guide For Mom You’re doing the 21 Day Fix or 80 Day Obsession  and everything is great! You even lost 4 lbs the first week, and then BAAM! your friend asks you out for lunch. Or your child’s school game goes longer than usual and the family needs a quick meal. Immediately you[…]

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Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks

Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks Every busy mom needs go-to, quick and simple recipes for family dinner.  I enjoy using my slow cooker to make family dinner easier on my busy schedule. This is a simple Asian inspired dish that I discovered from the book Paleo for Beginners by John Chatham. It’s a meal you can[…]

Vanilla Berry Delight Smoothie

Vanilla Berry Delight Smoothie Vanilla Berry Delight Smoothie is packed full of blueberries.  We all know that blueberries are packed full of antioxidants that help prevent cancer, heart disease and other diseases that come with age.  Enjoy them fresh or frozen in this super-food shake to give you tons of energy with great sweet taste![…]

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Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken I love this slow cooker salsa chicken recipe. Do you love Mexican food and are you a busy mom? Then you’re gonna love this recipe too! If you are a busy mom on the go with children in all kinds of activities, this is a recipe that you will come back to time[…]

Cranberry-Orange Chocolate Shakeology

Even during the holiday season you want to enjoy a tasty treat. I get that! That’s why I love my go to “healthiest meal of the day” called Shakeology! Even during the holiday season of treats, I can make Shakeology taste like a treat without sacrificing added calories or weight gain.  This delicious recipe is[…]

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Veggie Egg Cups

Veggie Egg Cups Do you struggle to find a healthy breakfast recipe packed with protein that is quick, easy and great to grab and go? When I am not drinking my favorite go to “healthiest meal of the day” called Shakeology, I struggle to find something that is quick too.  These veggie egg cups can[…]

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Zucchini Cashew Soup

Zucchini Cashew Soup Soup seems like the perfect meal when the weather turns cooler, and everyone loves their comfort food. But comfort food can also be healthy!  This recipe has become a favorite of my husband and I.  We discovered this tasty soup when we first went through a 21 day cleanse called The Ultimate Reset. (message[…]