5 Tips to Start Losing Weight Now

5 Tips to Start Losing Weight Now Do you struggle with losing weight? Maybe a few tips would help you know where to start? When it comes to losing weight there are no magic pills, wraps or formulas.  Losing weight and feeling better is about changing your habits and creating a new lifestyle. I know as[…]

Vanilla Berry Delight Smoothie

Vanilla Berry Delight Smoothie Vanilla Berry Delight Smoothie is packed full of blueberries.  We all know that blueberries are packed full of antioxidants that help prevent cancer, heart disease and other diseases that come with age.  Enjoy them fresh or frozen in this super-food shake to give you tons of energy with great sweet taste![…]

Healthy Families

Words Of Encouragement This is an inspirational story that all parents should read… Healthy families–everyone thinks their family is eating somewhat healthy.  But are we really? One of the best benefits of learning how to eat to fuel my body, as a mom, was learning what a healthy plate looks like. At Tony Horton Fitness[…]