How to Survive the Thanksgiving Dinner “Fix” Style



How to Survive the Thanksgiving Dinner “FIX” Style

See if this scenario sounds familiar to you.  Every Thanksgiving or Christmas, you intend on eating healthier through the holidays. You start out with 1 slice of meat, a small portion of stuffing and or potatoes, and veggies, and you even skip the gravy and bread. However, after you mindlessly eat everything on your plate over wonderful conversation with family or friends, you quickly return for seconds and this time you aren’t so strong. You give into the bread and have just a little more of that delicious sweet potato casserole. After all, it is the holidays.  And then after that, you are on to  the desserts. How are you suppose to enjoy only ONE? Before you know it, you are in a food comma and your top button is undone.

While the holidays are a great time to enjoy a few treats in moderation, you don’t want to blow everything you’ve been working so hard to achieve on the scale and with your clothes. So how do you enjoy the holiday eating without over doing it?  Here are a few tips I’ve learned from Autumn Calabrese, the creator of the 21 day fix and 80 day Obsession workout programs, plus the NEW Ultimate Portion Fix. Basically, she’s the “container lady” and she KNOWS her stuff!! Having a strategy before you attend the annual feast, will help you be more successful and stay on track! As Autumn says “Having a plan isn’t HALF the BATTLE, it is the BATTLE!” So here are my tips I’ve learned from her!

Tips for Surviving Any Holiday Meal:

#1- Plate You Veggies FIRST- 

Before you put anything on your plate, plate your veggies first.  Make sure half of your plate is full of vegetables like green beans in a little EVOO and lemon juice, mixed green salad or butternut squash.  Plating your veggies first insures that you do not load up on carbs and too many fats and proteins, because once the veggies are on your plate you will have less room for anything else.

#2- Skip the Second Helping-

If you want to enjoy a little dessert, then skip going back for seconds.  You can enjoy thanksgiving again at a later meal or even the next day.

#3- 2 Bite Desserts

When it comes to dessert sometimes it’s hard to choose since they usually all look so good.  Using a smaller plate, only get a very small portion you can enjoy in 2 bites. This way you can enjoy a few more treats but only get just a taste, and not regret it later on.

#4- Adjust Your Eating the Day Before

Notice I didn’t title this tip- “starve yourself the day before the big meal!” However, if you want to stick to your 21 day fix container counts for the week, you can always adjust your eating the day before and the day after turkey day.  Simply skip 1 yellow and 1 purple the day before AND the day after to even out your containers for the week.

#5- ONLY eat foods you LOVE

Yep! I said it! If you are gonna splurge on something EAT something you LOVE!


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