Sugar Addiction; Is that a real thing?

Sugar Addiction; Is that a real thing?


“I am struggling to lose weight! Ever since I turned 40 I can’t seem to get my nutrition under control! Oh who am I kidding, this started long before I turned 40! I never got my baby weight off! The box of oreos and chips keep calling my name! And ughhhh the ice cream…I love ice cream! I just have NO WILL POWER!! Plus, I have NO TIME to cook–I don’t even like cooking and I have NO IDEA what I would do to meal prep or even where to start!  Can you HELP? Would your program work for me? I’m desperate! ”


Mom of 4

Have you ever said any of this? I hear this almost every single day when I chat with moms on line. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old sugar addiction and junk food addiction seems to be a real problem. But after being a health and fitness coach for over 6 years, I have learned a lot! I’ve even recently gotten a certification as a master coach in this area…and if there’s two things I can tell you it would be one, it’s not entirely your fault, and two, there is HOPE!

I’ve also learned that EVERYONE has their breaking point–the one where you get completing fed up with how you feel and how you look when you look at yourself in the mirror. You might even be there now. That’s when you know you’re READY to commit, READY to change, and READY to check all your excuses at the door and go all in!

Listen to the below video I shared with my community on social media. If this resonates with you, if you’ve reached your “breaking point” and you’re saying to yourself ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….then REACH OUT TO ME! I’d love to SHARE with you about what’s not only helping but WORKING for the ladies in my online virtual fit community!

XOXO- Melissa

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