PiYo Transformation


PiYo Has CHANGED My Life! This is my GO TO Workout!


My PiYo transformation started in July 2014 when I began working out with PiYo when it was released on home DVD.  I loved it from the moment I started using the program. Particularly because I have arthritis in my left big toe and this was the first program I felt I could do successfully without beating myself up.  After 30 days of using PiYo I could tell I was getting stronger but I wasn’t losing any weight.  I knew I had to change two things to get the results I wanted.  I needed to change my nutrition–I couldn’t just eat low fat– and I needed to stop modifying to get where I wanted to go faster.  To step it up even more, I entered the PiYo Casting Call Challenge where I was personally mentored by the creator of PiYo, Chalene Johnson.  I was competing to be one of the top 12 spots with an incredible PiYo transformation to be in the TV infomercial!

After using PiYo for another 60 days, I lost 14 lbs and 12 inches! Below you will see my before and after photos. I wasn’t chosen for the infomercial, but I was fine with that outcome.  Mainly because I had found a workout program I loved and I had seen amazing results from using it!  The music is fun and motivating and Chalene is super encouraging through the workouts.  I love that she is constantly reinforcing good form and reminding you of that throughout the workouts.  Two years later, I continue to use this amazing program. My core is stronger than it has ever been.  I can see a huge difference in all of my workouts when I use other programs that focus on cardio and resistance training. And since the workouts are all around 30 minutes long, it’s a program that I can continue to stick with as a busy mom.

My me, since I am also a vocalist, I have also seen a huge difference in my singing.  I am able to hold phrases longer, sustain notes with ease and power through difficult passages when I sing.  And as I get older, it’s important for me to build those core muscles so that I have better balance and flexibility.  This is a great workout to improve the overall care of your body because it carries over in so many areas of your life! For me, it was a big PiYo transformation! And now I help other moms, musicians, and teachers transform their bodies to be stronger and more flexible in their core!
Chalene and missy

If you want to give this program a try in a private group with like minded moms, singers, or teachers, fill out the form below and I’ll contact you about how I can help you get piyo resultsstarted using this program for yourself!