My Transformation; How I Started Losing Weight

My Transformation; How I Started Losing Weight

This is my transformation story of how I lost weight.  I am NOT a fitness fanatic! I have NEVER liked working out! NEVER! But I am about to tell you how I lost 35 pounds and 9 inches off my body in 120 days.  I am not a super hero either. Although my challengers often make me feel like one.  I am a busy mom who no longer wanted to be dependent on medication to feel good.  A mom who had just had my third child at the age of 40. A mom who knew that I would be 58 when my youngest child graduated from high school and I didn’t want to look like a mom in her 60’s or even 70’s! I wanted to look and feel young!

My husband and I ordered P90X after seeing an infomercial on TV for the program. My exact words to my husband were, “well, we aren’t getting any younger so we might as well order the program and just do it!”.  With those words, my husband ordered the program and our journey began.  We didn’t have the help of a coach to guide us.  We were each other’s accountability partners, and if it hadn’t been for my husband I probably would have never finished the program. The workouts were tough, especially since I had never liked working out before and I was so out of shape! But, the nutrition guide was easy and simple to follow.  Little by little I began to notice I was getting stronger and able to do more of the workout. You also need to know that I have arthritis in my left big toe, so some exercises were particularly challenging but I modified and kept going. No excuses!

After 60 days into the program, we discovered Shakeology as an added benefit to our nutrition. Shakeology proved to be what helped my husband get over the hump of not being not being able to lose weight as a type 1 diabetic. And I immediately noticed my energy level pick up, so I was able to feel more like my normal self and I was able to have more energy for my workouts.  I began drinking Shakeology for lunch to avoid the afternoon slumps. Let’s face it. I was a new mom who was sleep deprived and needed good nutrition and energy to get me through my day with three children all under the age of 10 at the time. After 120 days, I had lost 35 lbs and 9 inches off my body! I couldn’t believe it until I saw my before and after pics below!  Seeing was believing that this program worked! I loved the program and products so much I started sharing with others about what I was doing and signed up to be a coach.

Fast forward to the fall of 2014. I entered the PiYo Casting Call Challenge.  I loved Chalene Johnson and this new program was just the motivation I needed to take my fitness to a new level.  In 60 days using PiYo and drinking my Shakeology, I lost an additional 14 pounds and 12 1/2 inches off my body!! I know right? This program did wonders to strengthen my core. For the first time since college, I noticed a huge change in my singing.  Because my core was so strong, I was able to sustain notes longer because I was able to hold up my diaphragm. My breathing was incredible, especially for someone who was in my mid-forties which is when a singer’s voice starts to decline. I also noticed I greater endurance when I sang and performed.  Plus, I no longer needed to take acid reflux medication, because the program had given me the tools to eat cleaner and feel better! I also had friends along the way cheering me on.  I call them my challengers or support partners; my virtual fitness support group.  They helped me and supported me along the journey to success. This journey continues today. Every day I am learning and getting stronger both physically and vocally!

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My Weight Loss Journey using P90X

P90X before and after








My Weight Loss Journey using PiYO

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