Natural Cold Remedies: Fight a Cold like Singers do!

Natural Cold Remedies: Fight a Cold Like Singers do!

Losing your voice is like breaking a leg for a singer or teacher. It completely handicaps you from doing what you love. As a singer and teacher myself, I have experienced vocal loss on many occasions. Damage to your voice from over use, polps, or cysts can cause vocal loss. But for most people, the common cold can also cause temporary vocal loss.

So what can you do to help prevent or speed up recovery from a cold? I am not a doctor, but I have experienced and recovered from vocal nodules 3 times. If you know anything about vocal nodules they are like calluses or sores on your vocal cords, and once you have them your voice is more fragile and sensitive to common cold like symptoms. So these are my best tips that I’ve learned over the years that have helped me! Leave me a comment if you enjoy this post and try any of these suggestions for yourself. Make sure to WATCH my Youtube video below for more specifics.



1. Water is Your Best Friend!

It is important for your vocal folds to stay well hydrated. If not, mucus linings in the throat will dry out and cause the voice to not work properly. Improper hydration also causes the voice to crack, fatigue faster, and make you feel like you need to clear your voice excessively.

  • Drink water at room temperature, never ice cold.
  • Warm water is fine to drink with a little honey.  I like to add a little lemon too, but be careful to not over do it since lemon is acidic and can trigger acid reflux which is just as bad for the voice.

2. Throat Coat herbal tea

I really love this product and have used it on many occasions before singing. It has wild slippery elm bark and licorice root herbs as its main ingredients. It does not help you heal faster but it will soothe your throat naturally which feels great!

3. Nasal Saline Wash

Nasal Saline Washes are great. Use them to flush away allergens that may be irritating the sinus cavity. They also help keep the nasal passages moist and clear. I use this daily as apart of my morning or evening routine, especially as the seasons change. Two I recommend are below.

  • Ultra Gentle Tip Nasal Spray- designed for babies or children- I like the gentle and easy to use tip. This product is easier for children to use.  (generic I get at Target)
  • Netie Pot by NeilMed- a little more complicated to use and can get messy-comes with saline packets you mix with warm water and then flush through each nostril.

4. Himalayan Salt with Warm Water

Gargling with warm salt water will help heal the inflammation and irritation in the back of throat a little faster. I prefer to use sea salt or Himalayan salt. Iodine salt is recommended by some health care experts and dentists.

5. Use a Diffuser

I have recently discovered the benefits of using natural essential oils. Not only do they smell amazing, but they also help you breathe. My kids love for me to use this in their rooms at night to help them sleep when they are dealing with a cold or sinus infection. It really does help! I like the Daisy diffuser. You can find it on Amazon. It’s very economical and gets the job done. Even works in larger size rooms.

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