Home Workouts After Foot Surgery

Home Workouts After Foot Surgery

Many of you have asked how I have been doing since my Cartiva Implant Surgery last November. It’s hard to believe that this time last year I had just scheduled my first appointment with my surgeon to see if this procedure was even a viable option for me. And it’s even harder for me to believe that 9 months ago today I had my surgery procedure done. WOW! I’ve definitely had my ups and downs since surgery, but would I do it all over again?

If you’re new to my blog because you too have issues with your big toe joint, otherwise known as Hallux Rigidus, then WELCOME! If you want to read more about my surgery, because you are considering this procedure as well, then go to my post called Foot Surgery; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!  🙂  I wrote that post to help others know what to expect after surgery and during recovery!

I must say any time you’re dealing with a recovery from a surgery, you do have to go slow and at your pace. Honestly for me, that took a little longer than I really wanted it to, especially after I had done my own online research. I had heard of patients having surgery one day and then three days later working out! That was not me. Not even close! I just wanted to be able to walk pain free. Please note, I have never been a workout junkie, but in the last ten years I have learned to enjoy and appreciate the value of working out for my body, so it was hard to not workout.

After five weeks of doing nothing but resting my foot (which I am terrible at sitting by the way) I decided it was time to get in my home gym and start doing something. In addition to my PT exercises I started doing core work and light resistance training; the goal was just to move!

Nine weeks after surgery, I took a leap of faith (with my surgeon’s permission) and started a short cardio program called Transform:20. All the workouts were 20 minutes long which was doable but in hindsight I probably should have started back with a more yoga based program, which is what my surgeon had originally suggested. I had to modify a lot. A TON! His advice was “push yourself…dull pain is fine…as long as you don’t feel a sharp pain then keep going!”  The program really helped me push out of my “I can’t do this” mindset and showed me that I could! Plus, even though I had to modify, I still saw results, because let’s face it after sitting around as much as I did, plus it was the holidays too, I had gained some weight!

After completing that program, I kept going using other programs I had access to in my online fitness platform called BOD.  I was doing really well and progressing in my fitness each month until June of this year. I pushed myself to wear a pair of wedge sandals I probably wasn’t ready to wear for walking a long period of time. As a result of walking on uneven pavement, I twisted my foot.  My initial reaction was “oh no! I’ve messed up the cartiva implant somehow”!  But after a quick trip to my surgeon, he decided I had either torn scar tissue or twisted or bruised the tendon in the middle of my foot. A minor set back, which resulted in me wearing an ace bandage around the middle of my foot, icing, and backing off my workouts for about 4 weeks.

So back to my original question. “Would I do it all over again?” It’s been a long 9 months. Honestly, in the last month I’ve seen the greatest change and improvement. If someone had asked me that question 1, 3 or 5 months after surgery I probably would have said “No! I don’t think I would!” But now, 9 months later, moving and working out 5 days a week pain free, I would say “YES!” Yes, I would do it again. I have no pain while walking, and for the first time I’ve been able to complete my workouts without limping around the rest of the day.

Below is a sample of some of my latest workouts.

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