How to Make a Healthy Snack Drawer for Kids

How to Make a Healthy Snack Drawer for Kids

Are your kids like mine? Do they gravitate to the goldfish crackers, muffins, granola bars and other sugary snacks? From my experience, it’s better to teach your kids when they are young how to choose the right foods. The older they get the harder it is.  One way I  found to help my picky eater make healthier choices was by creating a “Healthy Snack Drawer”. Getting your children involved in the process will help them “buy in” to the new plan and soon they will naturally gravitate to healthier food choices. Plus, it gives them a place where they can develop independence, as well as something where they can say “I don’t have to ask permission to eat from here”.

This can be done in a refrigerator or pantry, but I have only personally done this in my refrigerator.  To get you started I have created a FREE resource guide. To get your step by step “how to guide” with various food ideas, fill out the form below and I will send my personal pdf file that you can save for future reference. PLUS, I’ll also send you a BONUS pdf guide on “how to teach your kids to eat a balance nutrition without the fight!”

Moms, we are in this TOGETHER!

How to Make a Healthy Snack Drawer for Kids, plus BONUS 75 lunches

YES! Please send me a copy of the "How to Make a Healthy Snack drawer for Kids" PDF!

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