Adrenal Fatigue; the Problem with Food

Adrenal Fatigue; the Problem with Food

Could the foods I am eating be contributing to my problem with adrenal fatigue? 

In my blog post last week, I shared how my mom recently had a lengthy hospital stay.  For someone who already suffers from adrenal fatigue, the added emotion and stress have been difficult over the last few weeks.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have blown it several times over the last few weeks as a mom and daughter.  It is natural for women when we get emotional and stressed out to run to foods that either exasperate the problem or aggregate it more.  We run to certain foods thinking they will either “comfort” us or help us feel better when in actuality these foods or poor eating habits only make us feel worse. So, could the foods you are currently choosing to eat either out of habit or necessity, be contributing to your adrenal fatigue syndrome? Let’s find out!
Out of my own issue with adrenal fatigue, I have researched which foods to avoid and other foods that can be substituted.  Even after years of working on creating a healthier lifestyle for myself, the one thing I still struggle with is caffeine.  And it’s the one “food” I should have been avoiding while staying with my mom at the hospital.  Why? Because even though it was a temporary mood booster, it was simply just that, temporary.  Once the caffeine wore off, I was once again grumpy and irritable.  It’s important to know which foods will contribute and trigger your problem so you can learn to replace that food with one that will help you feel better.  Do this when you are not under stress!
I hope the chart below will help you make better choices as you too battle adrenal fatigue syndrome.
foods to avoid with adrenal fatigue
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