Energy Boosting Tips for Busy Moms

Energy Boosting Tips for BUSY MOMS

What’s the one thing we ALL need more of as busy moms to stay alert and energetic throughout our day? It’s probably the ONE thing you LACK the most. What am I referring to? SLEEP! Yes, sleep affects so many aspects of our lives. As moms, we get up early and often stay up too late. Because we lack sleep, we also have NO ENERGY so we turn to coffee and caffeinated drinks to try and stay alert and awake throughout the day. Sound familiar? But no amount of caffeine will be able to replace a good nights sleep. Believe me, I struggle with this one myself.

Our bodies NEED SLEEP to rejuvenate and give us the energy we need throughout the day. My guess is, if you are like me, you are lucky to get in 6 good hours of sleep a night, especially if you are a new mom getting up and down during the night with a baby or small child. So how do we get more sleep so we can have more energy?

Here are a few of my energy boosting tips!


1- Go to bed earlier–I know…that’s hard. But if we want to feel better and have more energy then we have to change something we are currently doing to get a better result! I often say, “Choose Your Hard.” It’s hard to go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink or laundry that need

folding, especially if you are a type A personality such as myself. But it’s also hard to walk around during the day like a zombie from the “The Walking Dead” too. So Choose Your Hard. If you want to feel more rested, you have to give up something in order to accomplish that goal.

2- Take a Power Nap–nap when the baby naps, even if it’s only 20 minutes. If you work…shut your office door and ask someone to hold your calls and rest your eyes for 20 minutes. 20 minutes is all you need to give you a renewed energy!

3. Unplug from your cell phone, tablet, TV– Experts say that unplugging from your phone, tablet, computer, or TV 30 minutes before going to bed can help you fall asleep faster. Think about it. If you wait and check email right before going to bed, you could risk the chance of seeing an upsetting email right before going to sleep or reading an upsetting FB post from a friend. Unplugging from the world helps you to relax and get a more restful night’s sleep. Try it for one week and see if it doesn’t help you.

As I shared earlier in this post, I struggle with this topic myself! I am a night owl for sure. But, I have found that going to bed a little earlier-even if only 30 minutes- helps me have more clarity of mind and much more energy the next day!


Get AT LEAST 30 Minutes of PHYSICAL EXERCISE EACH DAY! Go for a run or walk if it’s a nice day, or do 30 minutes of yoga or pilates from home. BUT MOVE! When you choose to workout you are causing endorphins to release helping to RELEASE STRESS and put you in a better mood! TRUST ME…it works! When I started working out 6 years ago, I hated working out.  Now I enjoy my workout times early in the morning. Making exercise a daily part of my routine has helped me not only increase my energy, but also helped me improve my mobility, balance, and strength; these are all things that need to maintain a healthier lifestyle as I age. If you currently do not have a workout routine, I would like to share with you how you can JOIN MY COMMUNITY of BUSY MOMS all working to look and feel better.

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