Do I Need an Accountability Partner?

Do I Need an Accountability Partner?
Do virtual accountability partners really help you get fit and healthy? If you had asked me this 4 years ago I would have said “I really don’t know!”.  But everyone needs a friend to lean on when they are starting out on a new journey! 



Do I need an accountability partner to help me lose weight and get in shape? This is a unique time in history, where relationships are cultivated while sitting alone in a room at a keyboard. Some of my closet friendships that I’ve developed in the past 4 years have begun in this way and if I hadn’t experienced it, I might be more than just a bit skeptical. Can you “hug” an email? Can you really call someone a friend whom you’ve never seen face-to-face? Some might say no, but that would not be someone who’s truly experienced the power of the Beachbody accountability partners! I want to be your accountability partner.

I started posting my journey through Facebook and sharing about my success! Then one day I posted, “Whose with me?”  It wasn’t long before someone answered. And then another.

A “Challenge Group” was born. My first group of accountability partners!  We lived in different states, different time zones, our family sizes varied, as did our lifestyles. We had different religions, different backgrounds, some were teachers, some were musicians, and some (like me) were stay at home moms. It didn’t matter. What drew us together was the common goal of weight loss, reclaiming our health, and going through it … TOGETHER.

Challenge groups are there to pick each other up, encourage one another and be a safe place to come back to when you slack off or fall behind; where successes are celebrated and backsliding is forgiven. Accountability partners! Friends. Every Challenge Group has brought new friends and accountability partners into my life, and because we went through something so personal as weight loss together, bonds are created and in some cases, life long friendships are made. Yes, if you workout consistently and eat well consistently you WILL get results. But when you add the third cord to that system – the cord of accountability – not only will you see the odds of getting results climb, but you’ll feel a part of something. Something new, something good, something that will make fitness and healthy eating a lifestyle and not just a passing phase.

Now I am mainly an accountability partner to two different groups of ladies. Busy Moms who want to look and feel great!  And busy musicians, teachers and speakers who want to get fit and healthy so they can protect the instrument and source of income God gave them! 😉  Each month I run a NEW 30 day challenge. For information on how you can join my next 30 day challenge for accountability and support, fill out the form below! Take my hand, and let’s do this TOGETHER! 🙂





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