What is a 30 Day Challenge Group for Women?

What’s a 30 Day Challenge Group for Women?

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

Girl, if you’ve tried ALL kinds of diets and exercise programs and gadgets from TV and none of them worked, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!! With so many choices HOW do you know what really works? If you’re feeling frustrated and stuck then I think you’re gonna be really interested in this. I’ve been there too! I tried it ALL. But when I tried this, I lost 35 lbs and 12 inches in 120 days and then kept going.

So does this describe you?

  • You are busy.
  • You lack energy and you are tired.
  • You wear multiple hats and you are on the go, a lot!
  • You need a simple nutrition system that doesn’t take a lot of time, but is quick and easy and portable too.
  • You need a quick workout that gets you moving and gets results fast!
  • You simply want to feel better, look great in your skinny jeans, and have more energy to get through the day!

Did you say “YES” to any of these? Or ALL of these?  

Donna got started and now she feels so much better!

Imagine if…

  • It only took you 30 minutes a day and you NEVER had to leave your home.
  • You could TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE in 20- 30 minutes a day
  • You could lose 10-15 lbs in one 21 day round.
  • You could have more energy just by drinking a superfood shake 1 time a day.
  • You could have a virtual community at your finger tips to help motivate, encourage and give you meal plans and recipes.
  • You could have a FREE coach to guide you through each step of the journey.

But this program doesn’t just do 1 or even 2 of these things, its does ALL of these things for you and more!


“March MADNESS Showdown” 


START NOW everything INCLUDED that you need!

So many workout options to begin! Don’t like working out?

There’s an option for that too!

Message me for info OR CLICK the PIC BELOW FOR A FREE SAMPLE WORKOUT sent directly to you to do from home!

Here’s My Story

After dealing with infertility, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and a lack of energy, I needed to stop thinking about exercising and just do it! I had my last child at age 40. I was going to be 58 when she graduated from high school.  If I wanted to be in great shape at her graduation, I had to be willing to do something now. I hated working out and I had no clue what clean eating was, but I was willing to learn.

And then I found it. Something I could do from home and be successful.  I just needed a community of others cheering me on through the process. I needed other like minded ladies pushing me, embracing me, and cheering me on through my imperfections as they were also doing the same thing themselves. And together we have figured out what works. Yep…and it’s not hard, well sometimes it’s hard but you always feel supported.  So lean in ’cause I’m gonna share with you the “secret sauce” that I have discovered through my online virtual accountability group. You ready? It takes YOU being willing to make the change! Don’t worry….I have your back and will show you exactly what to do to be successful!

This group will fill up fast!

We start SOON! Fill out the form below and JOIN A COMMUNITY OF OTHER Women who want to look and feel great just like you! Recipes, Meal Plans and Peer to Peer Support are all apart of this virtual online community!


Now it’s YOUR TURN! Join Us!