Transform 20 is HERE!

Why Transform: 20? I’m so excited about the NEWEST Shaun T workout that releases just in time for the Holidays! Although I did not have the honor of going through the program with the TEST GROUP, I can tell you without a doubt, that this program will not disappoint. No Shaun T program ever does.[…]

Change; Puppies and New Fitness Routines

CHANGE; Puppies and New Fitness Routines Change is HARD. We all know this. So are new puppies and fitness routines!  Change seems hard for some people and easier for others? Why? Some might say its your personality type. But I’m learning that your mindset determines how well you adapt to change. Henry Ford once said “Whether[…]

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The Ultimate Restaurant Guide for Mom

The Ultimate Obsession Restaurant Guide For Mom You’re doing the 21 Day Fix or 80 Day Obsession  and everything is great! You even lost 4 lbs the first week, and then BAAM! your friend asks you out for lunch. Or your child’s school game goes longer than usual and the family needs a quick meal. Immediately you[…]

Why Women Can’t Lose Weight, Part 2

As I shared last week with you, “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?” is the question I get asked most often by busy moms of all ages.  But throw in the fact that you are now over the age of 35 and you’ve just made losing weight even harder.  UGHHHHH! I know, right? Why is that[…]

Why Can’t I Lose Weight, Part 1

“Why can’t I lose weight?” This is the number 1 question I hear from busy moms, especially over the age of 35. I get asked this question at least a couple of times a week. So I decided to do some research of my own and figure out why women specifically have such a struggle[…]

Adrenal Fatigue; the Problem with Food

Adrenal Fatigue; the Problem with Food Could the foods I am eating be contributing to my problem with adrenal fatigue?  In my blog post last week, I shared how my mom recently had a lengthy hospital stay.  For someone who already suffers from adrenal fatigue, the added emotion and stress have been difficult over the[…]

You Can Overcome Adrenal-Fatigue

You Can Overcome Adrenal Fatigue! Do I have adrenal-fatigue? Have you heard of adrenal-fatigue? Do you know what it is? I hadn’t heard of it either until about 8 years ago when a holistic doctor I was seeing for all kinds of female issues told me I had this condition.  So what is adrenal fatigue?[…]

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to My Blog!   Welcome to my blog! I am Melissa McLamb. I use to spend my days teaching children music. Now I spend my days helping ladies look and feel better. Ladies of all ages. Some moms who are busy musicians, teachers, vocal coaches, stay at home moms or moms in other professions.  If you are looking for[…]

What To Expect from Me as Your Coach?

What To Expect from Me as Your Coach I love working with moms, singers, teachers and speakers!  What to expect from me as your coach when you say “YES” to one of my virtual challenge groups? Encouragement. Love. Accountability and Support. An online group of ladies waiting to lift you up and challenge you to be[…]

Do I Need an Accountability Partner?

Do I Need an Accountability Partner? Do virtual accountability partners really help you get fit and healthy? If you had asked me this 4 years ago I would have said “I really don’t know!”.  But everyone needs a friend to lean on when they are starting out on a new journey!    Do I need[…]