Introducing Barre Blend; tone up and slim down

Introducing Barre Blend!

A new way to tone up and slim down!

I’m so excited about this NEWEST at home workout program that releases just in time for the Holidays! Barre Blend is the perfect fit for those looking for a workout to tone up and slim down without tons of jumping and stress to your joints! Although I have never had an interest in taking a Barre class-though there are several in my area- I’m super excited to try this! Why? Because as an over 45 year old women, I believe this program will meet the main needs I am looking for in a workout program: balance work, core work and strength. I also love the fact that no experience is required before getting started. This program is for ANYONE at any fitness level!

“I take the best of barre and turn up the intensity
for a low-impact workout with high-impact results.”

—Super Trainer Elise Joan

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Trainer, Elise Joan is a certified pilates and yoga instructor; she has created barre programs for some of the biggest gyms in fitness.
  • Each workout is 30-40 minutes long and requires NO BALLET BARRE. Just use a sturdy chair or stool.
  • This entire workout program is a full 60 days; enjoy a different workout each day so you never get bored!
  • You will need some light weights, but they are totally optional.
  • There is always a modifier in every workout–in fact several different ones to choose from to follow.
  • A Nutrition plan is included, as well as a meal plan and recipes inside my Virtual Online Community


“Is there a way I can TEST this workout for FREE?”

YES! Click on the picture below to SAMPLE “BARRE BLEND” NOW!

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