You Can Overcome Adrenal-Fatigue

exhausted mom 3You Can Overcome Adrenal Fatigue!

Do I have adrenal-fatigue?

Have you heard of adrenal-fatigue? Do you know what it is? I hadn’t heard of it either until about 8 years ago when a holistic doctor I was seeing for all kinds of female issues told me I had this condition.  So what is adrenal fatigue? Basically it means that your adrenal glands are functioning below their normal levels causing you havoc! It most of time occurs as a result of prolonged stress but can also be triggered by chronic infections such as upper respiratory infections or even the flu!

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of adrenal-fatigue may be irritability, moodiness, craving sugar, weight gain, or body aches. But the most pronounced and most common symptom is fatigue! And sleep does not help relieve that fatigue in most cases, which, as I said above, wreaks havoc on you! From my research, I have learned that our adrenal glands balance our hormones. So when they are not functioning properly it affects your blood sugar, metabolism, blood pressure and your sex drive! You’re not going crazy, there really is something very wrong going on with your body!

So what do I do if I think I have adrenal fatigue?

How do I know what you are going through? Because my friend, I have been where you are right now! I understand how it feels to get up in the morning and turn around and feel like you could go right back to sleep. In fact, I’ve done it! I’m embarrassed to share this with you but there were many times when my children were younger that I would get my then 6 year old off to school and come back home and go to sleep! I’ve turned on the TV, told my little one, “let’s cuddle” and while he was entertained I’ve gone back to sleep for 1 even 2 hours! I know what it’s like to drag yourself up off that sofa and try to play with your child, get the chores done around the house, and live a semi-productive life. It’s so HARD!

There is HOPE!

But thankfully, I’m here to tell you there is HOPE! There is a way out! You can overcome adrenal-fatigue! Since discovering 8 years ago that I have this condition, I have found a way to heal the body without being on medications or antidepressants! Although there are days I still struggle, I will say that because of the changes I have made I now have WAY more good days than bad. It’s hard to believe that just by changing my nutrition, plus exercise, I am now able to better control my symptoms and live a full and productive life with tons of energy!

Here are a few of my strategies:

  1. Eat a clean diet. Nutrition is a HUGE part of overcoming adrenal-fatigue. Knowing what kinds of foods can help reduce symptoms and naturally heal the body are key. My go to foods are extra virgin olive oil, avocados, fresh green veggies, lean proteins, pumpkin seeds, Shakeology and Himalayan salt just to name a few.
  2. Exercise each day. This is a non-negotiable for me now. I use to hate working out. But now I see it as my mood booster, plus it gives me tons of energy to tackle my day!
  3. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. I know this one is tough. Believe me there are nights that I still don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep. But when I do make a choice to get to bed early, I feel so much better in the morning!  It’s hard to believe that just changing my nutrition, fitness and sleep schedule could be so healing to the body! Girl friend, it’s completely changed my life! I’m happier, healthier and feeling so much better better physically and mentally!

I know where you are now is miserable. Think about what your day is like now. Do you want to continue down this same vicious cycle day after day? Aren’t you frustrated with feeling tired all the time? You only have this one life. Don’t you want to live it to the fullest with your family? If you don’t do something now it’s not going to be better, it’s only going to get worse!

Let me share with you the tools that have helped me. To inquire about a free consult click here—-> FREE CONSULT   to learn more about how you can overcome adrenal fatigue, as well as the tools to help you look and feel better, and break this cycle of exhaustion!

It’s time for a CHANGE!


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