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More about Melissa McLamb

This is my promise to you! I created this blog for the busy singer, speaker or teacher–or one who aspires to enjoy this as a career one day.  But I am also a busy mom over 40. So whether you have a busy musical career and need vocal tips and support, or you are a busy mom over 35 who finds herself in and out of her car all day, you have come to right place.

I understand how crazy life can get no matter which of these describes you. (maybe they both do!) Sometimes life can get so hectic that you find yourself reaching for the latest “quick fix” you can find, hoping it works this time. You know being healthy and fit needs to be a priority, but the reality is you have no idea how you have time for that in your life. So you continue to resort to the same things you have always done to lose weight and get in shape. Grab an apple, a protein bar, maybe a smoothie with a little kale, but you never actual have a complete meal except at night. You workout more and eat less.  After all that worked when you were 20, why wouldn’t it work now? But it doesn’t and you don’t understand why!

And on top of that, you’re going through a season of life where you feel possibly trapped in a career you never intended to be doing or you feel like you’ve completely lost your identity since now all you’re known as is “so and so’s mom”! You’ve lost your self-confience, your leash on life and you quite possibly you may not even feel attractive anymore!  At one time, you had BIG DREAMS! But life happened and those big dreams ended up taking a “back seat” to the demands of life and placing priority on everyone else’s needs above your own. You are tired, moody, you don’t sleep well, you’re stressed out and never feel like you can relax! It’s been years since you’ve taken care of you, so you’re thinking “how am I even suppose to get started and make a change?”.

I understand. I’ve been there too. But what I’ve found is with a simple system and a community to support you along the way, you can regain your health and fitness, and feel younger and stronger than you ever have before!

I want to help give you practical tips and tools to help you achieve SUCCESS in your own health and fitness as a busy mom over 35. Plus, give you a community to support you along the journey! Whether you are a singer, speaker, teacher, or a busy mom, I want to help you regain your CONFIDENCE!  I wanna offer you support, accountability and a listening ear to help you and encourage you as you seek to improve your overall lifestyle as a busy mom through simple tips and strategies. And for those of you who are singers or teachers with vocal injuries, I want to share with you what I have learned to keep my voice healthy and always at its best through fitness and health! Your fitness and health do not just affect your appearance, but also your endurance and core strength which are the foundations of good singing technique!

My promise to you is backed by over 20 years of teaching, singing and coaching experience in the fields of vocal performance and music education, plus dealing with my own vocal injuries. And backed by the best fitness and nutrition tools that you will find on the market, along with a team of ladies who can share with you their own physical and mental transformations themselves.

I want to address your needs not only as a singer, teacher or speaker that you are not alone in your journey of vocal learning or vocal injury, but also to address your needs as a busy mom or woman that you can be a better benefit to your family in learning how to care for your own needs first through a healthier lifestyle.

Since I understand the riggers and stress of a demanding schedule while trying to work, perform, teach or travel while also balancing a family, and leaving little time for yourself!

My Why?

Why do I want to help you sing better, look better and feel better? Because I’ve been where you are. I am a busy mom. A mom who runs constantly and has little time for myself. A mom that had BIG DREAMS too. I wanted nothing more than to be on stage and lead others in worship and perform. I’ve lived on the road, singing day in and day out, getting physically tired and vocally tired.  I’ve been in the classroom. Teaching elementary music for 6 1/2 years and then preschool music for another 6 years. I understand the riggers of the teaching schedule, singing on sick cords, dealing with allergies  and having to keep going. I’ve been a praise team vocalist in my church for over 20 years. And now I know what it’s like to be over 40, to feel “used up” and yet know my voice has never been stronger because of what I have done through a healthier lifestyle.

Now I want to pay it forward and help you too. There is something amazing that transpires when your physical, mental and vocal health come together.  You will be amazed!

To learn more about the fitness and nutrition system that helps me stay on track as a busy mom, wife and vocalist, or if you would like to join my newsletter club, please fill out the form below!

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