80 Day Obsession Phase 1

80 Day Obsession; Phase 1

My 80 day obsession journey began a little over 3 weeks ago  when my coaches and clients started testing this brand new workout program. We were so excited to not only try something new, but also test this program to how we would be physically and mentally challenged! And I can tell you we have been challenged while also having fun! So with equipment, portion containers, workouts streamed to our home, and a new timed nutrition plan in place we began our journey on January 15th.


In 80 day obsession, there are 80 different workouts. So there are no repeating workouts in this program which leaves no room for boredom!  And this program does require some equipment to do effectively. You’ll need loops, sliders, and some weights for your 80 day adventure. This program is not designed for the beginner in mind. (but modifications are provided for those that need them)  It’s designed for someone who is ready to be challenged both physically and in the kitchen, which is where 90% of us tend to struggle.

The fact that there are 80 different workouts, plus 17 Rest days, means that this program is actually 97 days long!! I know…but when you break it down that’s just 26 days in each phase. To get a better idea of the workouts, watch the video below of a couple of the moves from my workouts this past week.



80 day Obsession’s time nutrition plan is the game changer to this program. However, it is a tad bit complicated at first glance. Personally, after 1 week of using the plan I felt like it was easier to use than the 21 day fix meal plan simply because creator, Autumn Calabrese, breaks down each meal to specific color groups. This helps you to know WHICH containers to eat WHEN. In addition to knowing what to eat when, you also learn how often you should be eating to get optimal results!  Below is an example of one of the meal plans I created for my private accountability group.


I can’t say enough about the accountability and support of this program. Each week a video series is loaded in to our online streaming platform called Beachbody on Demand to prep us for the next week’s workouts and nutrition. Tons of tools are provided to insure you are successful. Plus, with the online support of my personal group of “fit friends” it’s a winning combo! Here are some my fit friends who daily challenge me and keep me on track!



Already after 3 weeks of using 80 day Obsession I can tell I am getting stronger and stronger. Moves I was struggling with at the beginning of this phase are getting easier. And when I feel like quitting…I don’t because I am NOT a quitter! This program is pushing me out of my comfort zone which is what I needed to continue to make progress in my fitness journey!

If you are someone that works out regularly and you are ready for a new challenge this is going to be right up your alley. It will challenge your fitness, it will challenge your clean eating and give you the concept of timed nutrition to really UP your results. CHECK OUT one of my coaches results so far (above); Jill has already lost 8 lbs and 18 inches in less than 30 days!! I still can’t believe it!!

How Can I Join?

Like I shared, you will need some equipment to do this program effectively. To participate in my support and accountability groups, you will also need to have me as your coach and place your order through me so that I can add you to the accountability group through FB! If you currently are interested in this program fill out the application at the bottom and I will get back to you with details ASAP.

The next 80 Day Obsession Group is now open for enrollment and will start the prep week on the February 12th!

Hurry now and fill out the application before all the spots are gone.


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